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Let's Get Moving

Plans are being made to relocate to Forsythe Park. The new, relocated Children’s Museum will be an engaging place for the children and families in our community to explore, discover, and learn.

Director’s Thoughts

We are so excited to announce that the Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum is beginning our plans to relocate.

We are working to bring the "Big Purple Box of Fun" and learning to the heart of our community—beautiful Forsythe Park! Together, we are eager and committed to become an education destination for the children of our region in this historical part of Monroe.

Building on our many accomplishments over the past 23 years, that include delivering innovative exhibits, programs, and experiences that support hands-on, play-based learning for children and their families, the Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum is entering a new phase in its journey. This opportunity to relocate will strengthen our community and increase the quality of life for the families who live and visit here.

We ask that you join us as we develop conceptual plans with architects, engineers, and exhibit designers to construct a new museum.. We are ready and focused on the challenges ahead. As always, thank you for supporting, visiting, and participating in the creation of a place for imagination, discovery, and exploration for children and their families in Northeast Louisiana.


Permanent galleries and exhibits along with hands-on interactive programs will entice and engage children, making it a unique place that brings together families and communities for meaningful interaction.

The exhibit galleries will embrace the diverse culture of our region, as well as expand programming and outreach opportunities, providing a rich learning experience that sparks a sense of wonder. The Children’s Museum will always be a place for play and possibilities-a happy place where children can learn about science, technology, art, music, history, and nature through hands-on, interactive exhibits that nurture curiosity, build knowledge and fuel imagination.

We will continue to be a place where all are welcome and where our commitment of providing a safe environment for children and families of all abilities and backgrounds will remain our mission: a place where children can experience the diversity of our region and provide vital resources for schools in northeast Louisiana.

Get Moving Children's Museum Floor Plan


Summer Kick Off 2024!

The Children’s Museum will officially welcome the start of Summer on Wednesday, June 20th. The day will be filled with activities, crafts, special guests and includes Mayor Ellis officially kicking off Summer and handing out popsicles at 11am!

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